F1 Magazine Italian Issue 2

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The Official F1® Magazine is your new monthly guide for everything Formula 1®.

This second issue of F1 Magazine Italian edition rushes towards a historic moment for our home Grand Prix fans. Two races in a row on our territory, Monza and Mugello on 6 and 13 September. Then an all-European trip between Russia, Germany and Portugal, and here is F1 again on our circuit: in Imola, the race on November 1st. In seventy years and passes of the world championship, it had never happened.

It would have been wonderful to tell all this on the wings of a winning Ferrari. The current moment is not the easiest, but we still wanted to follow the red thread that links the next races to a passion that does not give up. We then went to find the wonderful illustrations of this Cover Art dedicated to the Reds. Wonderful illustrations, dedicated to the most important pages of the championship, always reinterpreted in the light of the Cavallino.

It was Ferrari that opened this artistic trend. Reminiscent, because the posters of this wonderful collection recall the style of illustrations of the Sixties, when single-seaters and racing still grouped together under the light of modernism; but launched towards the future, because they are entrusted to the most important modern illustrators, many Italians and all of great names, often stars of an international artistic event such as Lucca Comics.

We have chosen one of these wonders: you can find it on the cover, adapted to the headlines and news; you can find it here in full version and you will also find it partly on page 38, the beginning of a long story that a great signature of racing journalism outlines, telling the Ferrari that is about to run the 1000 (thousand!) world championship race at Mugello his epic. A very lively epic, even in this chase of the Cavallino, without which the Formula would not be the same.

August 2020 Edition (Italian).